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How do I commit my swimmer to a swim meet?

In order for the coaching staff to enter swimmers into a meet, they need to know who is available (and who's not!). Each week, as the parent, you will confirm your child’s attendance for the upcoming meet. The deadline is typically 5-6 days prior to each meet. 

There are 5 "commit" options:

  1. Attending this meet and available for ANY relays.
  2. Attending this meet but CANNOT swim EARLY relays.
  3. Attending this meet but CANNOT swim LATE relays.
  4. Attending this meet but CANNOT swim ANY relays.
  5. Will NOT be attending this meet.

Most parents will choose either Option 1 or Option 5.

Consider Option 2 if for some reason you are unable to guarantee your swimmer will arrive in time for team warm-ups. Swimmers that coaches have placed on relay teams must arrive early and be prepared.

Consider Option 3 if you are unable to guarantee that your swimmer can stay for the duration of the meet. Even if you select this option, you are still expected to notify a coach before you leave on meet day.

Consider Option 4 if your swimmer is NOT interested in being part of a relay team.

Please understand that confirming your swimmer’s availability to be on a relay does NOT guarantee a spot on a relay. Relay positions are determined by coaches and up to their discretion.

A big green button will appear on the team website when meet entry is open and you can commit your swimmers. Click there and then click "edit" to commit your swimmer. You will also receive an e-mail asking you to do so. At this time, you will also sign up for job shifts for that meet. 

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